People are here earlier, they’re happy, and the morale is better than it has been in years… We couldn’t be happier. I feel like we have found a gold mine in this new program.

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Tastably Fare

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• Ready-to-Eat Employee Meals
• Microwavable Employee Meals
• Buffet-Style Employee Meals
• Corporate Events Catering
• Weddings & Special Events Catering

1645 W 2200 S, STE A,
West Valley City, UT 84119
(801) 359-7184

Hours of Operation: M-F, 8am to 6pm 

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by Elizabeth's Catering


Experience the difference great food can make.

Proud to be part of our community.

Locally owned and operated in Salt Lake County, we’ve earned an uncommon reputation for incredible food and impeccable service. We’re proud to be growing and supporting local and national companies that are creating new homes and new jobs in our community.


Prepared, served, and measured.

We know the power of good food - to connect, to comfort, to inspire. And to spark productivity and sway retention. After just a few weeks, our clients report improved focus, enhanced team camaraderie, lower stress levels, and boosted morale.

Wonderfully delicious and easy on the wallet? 

Employee meals start at just $6 per person. Whether you plan to subsidize or fully fund lunches or breakfasts, we’ll help you promote, educate, and inform your team in order to maximize the return on your investment.

Savory menus for every diet.

Regular, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals make pleasing every palate a breeze. Simply tell us your needs, and our chefs will take it from there.

Forgo fast food lines and avoid unnecessary exposure during meal breaks. Our contact-free morning delivery option allows us to bring great food to your workplace before your team arrives, protecting the health and wellness of your people - without compromising quality.

Safe and hassle-free delivery.

Our chef-prepared meals are individually packaged, and are available ready-to-eat or in microwavable containers. We’ll help you select options that are right for your space, team size, and social distancing measures, ensuring the safe consumption of every delicious bite.

Serving up the warmest (and safest) “Welcome back.”

Nothing brings people together quite like good food - even amidst social distancing. We pride ourselves on helping our clients maintain connection and community among their employees through irresistible breakfasts, lunches, and corporate meals, all safely packaged and designed for safe consumption. No fancy footwork required.

Bringing happiness and delightto your workplace.

Fresh and delicious employee meals, delivered daily.

Create your own simply irresistible workplace experience.


You bet.

(801) 359-7184

served, and measured.

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